Stealth Grow Box

Stealth Grow Box

Plans to Build Your Grow Box for a Fraction of the Cost

Do you like to grow your special plants all year round, but do not recieve adequate sunlight or temperatures outdoors to promote high yielding plants? Then an indoor stealth grow box it the best solution, and you can make them out of alomst anything, but you need the right plans to make your grow box a success.

Everything the plant needs can be contained inside a concealed cabinet, refrigerator, or rubbermaid container. Using this type of indoor growing solution will allow you to put your plants out of the way, in the garage or closet, without worry.

It is even possible to automate the entire growing process by using plug-in timers, with little upkeep, other than a periodically watering the plants in the grow-box.

There are 3 important factors in a quality grow box design. This includes lighting, air flow, and feeding.

With a stealth grow box, it is possible to grow plants by using just fluorescent lights and/or compact fluorescent bulbs, also known as CLFs. The best part about using these types of lights are that they are very low cost, available everywhere and they do not get very hot. The temperature inside your grow box is very important and the low temperature CFL bulbs will allow you to squeeze for wattage into the grow-box without raising the temperature.

A good grow-box will include great air flow, that will circulate in new air and exhaust the old air. This includes a hole in or near the top of the grow box for exhausting the warm and smelly air. Then a intake fan hole will be included near the bottom of the grow box to force in new air, bringing more carbon dioxide to the plants. Also, there should be a small to large occulting fan inside your grow-box to help move the air around and strengthen the stems of your plants.

If you are serious about getting the most yield out of your plants, then include a carbon dioxide tank inside your grow box that will intermittently release CO2 gas. There are time releasing gauges that you can buy and mount to any standard carbon dioxide tank, then you just put it on a timer set to release the gas twice daily. Also, place your occulting fan on a timer to shut off during the times that the CO2 is being released.

Lastly, feeding and watering your plants is extremely important. With an indoor grow box, you can grow plants either in dirt or with a hydroponic system. With either type of growing system inside the grow box, an electronic water pump can be used to pump water and nutrients directly to your plants roots automatically twice a day.

The more your can automate the growing system, the better your results will be, this is why using a grow box can save you a lot of time and money.

Professional grow boxes can cost as much as $5,000. However, if you want to invest a little time and labor, you can customize your own stealth grow box for a fraction of the cost. There are a number of furniture, appliance or box type items that can be retrofitted for a grow box, such as an old refrigerator, cabinet or even a large Rubbermaid container.

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